Ruby’s General Information

At Ruby’s, we value the strong brand and reputation we’ve built over the last 35 years and counting. We also know that without exceptional franchisee support, we put that reputation (and the trust of our much-loved guests) in danger.

Ruby’s is expanding throughout the United States and beyond, improving name recognition and the overall reach of our message. Many of our existing diner franchisees own multiple locations, and we’re looking for similar driven entrepreneurs who are ready to grow with us.

Ruby’s Values

Ruby’s Diner franchises are more than just burgers, fries and shakes – they’re slices of pure 1940’s Americana, serving up the kind of high-quality food that proves the “good old days” are still here.

As a Ruby’s Diner franchisee, you’ll serve your guests the highest quality ingredients available. That includes Fresh Premium Natural USDA Choice beef, our famous “Refillable” French Fries and delicious golden RubyRings cooked in zero trans-fat, cholesterol-free, pure vegetable oil.

Ruby’s History

Our story began in 1982 at the end of the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, Calif. Now, 35 years later, our story is still continuing to grow. Click to read more about our history.

About Us


At Ruby’s, our dedicated restaurant franchise development team works hard to make sure you have the help you need, every step of the way. Our development team will assist you with each aspect of the restaurant franchise start-up process and our experienced Ruby’s operations and training teams deliver best-in-class training and support. Not to mention, our experienced marketing team will provide strong marketing strategies on both a global and local front.